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CareerSource Gulf Coast Marks 25 Service Years: Program Participants, Service Providers, Staff Lauded at Annual Meeting



Date: 2021/10/20

The Board of CareerSource Gulf Coast gathered on Wednesday, October 20, to mark 25 years of service by the local organization at its annual luncheon, with more than 50 attendees, including Board members, key service providers, program participants, and workforce staff throughout the region.


CareerSource Gulf Coast is one of 24 regional workforce boards in the State of Florida with offices in Bay, Gulf and Franklin counties. Today, representatives from all three counties were on the campus of Gulf Coast State College to celebrate achievements and plan for the future, adopting Executive Board appointments.


It was a strong year for the local workforce board considering the recovery from Hurricane Michael and an ongoing pandemic, and Executive Director Kim Bodine reviewed performance highlights at the annual meeting. These include:

* Assisting 894 employers recruit and hire workers

* Providing 11,063 services to businesses

* Posting 3,369 job orders for businesses

* Providing training and employment services to 184 adults, dislocated workers, and youth under the Workforce Innovation & Opportunity Act

* Average wage of $22.40/hour at placement for training participants

* Assisting 4,633 jobseekers

* Providing 23,111 services to jobseekers


"Every success we celebrate is because we brought together motivated and dedicated people working both for us and with us," said Dr. Patricia Hardman, Chairman of the CareerSource Gulf Coast Board of Directors.


"Our employees strive each day to make life better for someone--whether it is a business owner, a job seeker, a young person, a transitioning military service member, or a Veteran," said Kim Bodine, Executive Director of CareerSource Gulf Coast.


Programs delivered by CareerSource Gulf Coast reach far and wide across the region, touching the lives of countless families. Numerous individuals who participated in a CareerSource Gulf Coast program shared the spotlight in the annual "Success Story" presentations, delivered by Bodine.  


The service providers for CareerSource Gulf Coast include Gulf Coast State College, Royal American Management, and The Arc of the Bay. Individuals who participated in programs operated by the service providers were recognized. Additionally, the CareerSource Gulf Coast Board thanked the many agencies it collaborates with to make our communities a great place to work. Finally, the Board voted on a new slate of officers for the year.


CareerSource Gulf Coast provides services to job seekers and employers in Bay, Gulf, and Franklin counties, with the primary Career Center located in Panama City at  625 Highway 231. The Franklin County Office is located in Apalachicola at 1 Bay Avenue, and the Gulf County Office is located in the Port St. Joe Community Resource Center, 401 Peters St.


In compliance with the Stevens Amendment CareerSource Gulf Coast must provide percentages of total cost of programs/projects financed with federal money and non-governmental sources as well as dollar amounts of the federal funds for projects and programs. You may find this information on our website: