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Franklin County Board of County Commissioners Appoints New Board Member



Date: 2020/07/10


 Elinor Mount-Simmons was appointed to the CareerSource Gulf Coast Board by the  Franklin County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) Thursday, July 7, 2020.


“Ms. Mount-Simmons has been a leader in our community, especially as it relates to education. We are glad to be able to support her appointment to the CareerSource Gulf Coast Board,” said Noah Lockley, Jr., Franklin County BOCC for District 3.


Mount-Simmons has extensive experience serving the Franklin County community. She dedicated 40 years to the Franklin County school system as an educator; during this time, she created Franklin County’s Academic Recovery Program (2005) and founded the Franklin County Academy (2012). 


Outside of the school system, Mount-Simmons serves in leadership roles for many Franklin County community organizations, including the Apalachicola City Recreation Committee (current Chair), the Franklin/Gulf Retired Educators Association (current President), the Franklin Education Foundation (current Chairman), H’COLA (current President), and the MLK Birthday Celebration Executive Board (Current Vice-Director). 


“We are grateful to have such an involved and dynamic business and community leader join our board,” said Jennifer Conoley, Chair of the CareerSource Gulf Coast Board of Directors.  “We know that she will bring great ideas and valued experience to our organization.”